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TRAFALGAR OIL & GAS LLC, is the official Mandate and (JV) of several Buyers and of one large Seller (Title Holder). Furthermore, we represent other suppliers, including oil producing countries, refineries and Title Holders, all of whom are able to fulfill buyer’s requirements quickly and responsibly. We facilitate the sale of Crude Oil and its fuel derivatives such as Gasoline, D2, ULSD, AGO, Jet Fuel, Mazut, Heavy Fuel Oils, LNG, LPG and more.

We enjoy direct access to some of the world’s strongest providers of commodities as indicated above, who are prepared to deliver product to qualified buyers on time and as promised.

Our activities are based on the principle of providing today’s buyers commodity they are seeking, in the shortest time possible and at the most competitive prices available in the petroleum market. This is possible to accomplish only by matching legitimate / financially healthy end-buyers, directly with legitimate Title Holders / Refineries that are capable of providing desired commodity to our buyers. We represent and are paid by our sellers.

We have a broad authority to engage transactions on behalf of our sellers. Our task is not only to introduce potential parties to each other but besides that, we organize communication between buyer and seller`s representatives. We work tirelessly to assure secure and on-time commodity transaction that meets the requirements and objectives of both, buyer and seller. Through our group of Sellers / Title Holders we can provide you with the long-term and reliable supplies of following petroleum products.

  • LNG 
  • LPG 50/50 0r 70/30 and 100/100
  • Crude Oil ( ALL TYPES ) 
  • D2 (0.01 / 0.02)
  • Jet Fuels A-1
  • Mazut (M100/99 – various sulfur % available)
  • EN590  10ppm
  • Pet Coke (Russian Regions)
  • Other  Petroleum products may be available upon special request. 

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Company Profile

Company Profile

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