Natural Gas liquefaction on-site innovation. Plant by DR-Siemens

Trafalgar Group as a Strategic partner company

Dresser-Rand (A Siemens Business)

Trafalgar will install  LNGo plant at worldwide locations via Dresser -Rand Siemens Company .

The Dresser-Rand business’ LNGo™ natural gas liquefaction system is a Modular, portable natural gas liquefaction plant designed to provide onsite natural gas liquefaction. The low-pressure system is sized to produce approximately 7,000 gallons (26.5 cubic meters) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per day, while the high-pressure system is sized to produce approximately 30,000 gallons (113.5 cubic meters) per day. It can be used in upstream, midstream and downstream applications.

The pre-packaged system has no external power requirements, minimal site requirements and a streamlined installation process. Inlet natural gas is converted to LNG and used as a process refrigerant, while a small portion of the inlet gas is used to power the plant in conjunction with waste gas. The technology eliminates the need for the costly trucking of LNG long distances from large centralized plants to LNG fueling depots, as is the practice today.

Two LNGo™ natural gas liquefaction systems have already been sold to Elizabeth town Gas, a subsidiary of AGL Resources based in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Elizabeth town Gas provides natural gas delivery service to approximately 283,000 residential, business and industrial natural gas customers in New Jersey. The systems will be sized to produce approximately 13,500 gallons (51 cubic meters) of LNG per day.

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Plant LP 7000/GPD Capacity      (  By DR-Siemens Company)

Plant HP 30,000/GPD Capacity ( By DR-Siemens Company)

Gas Treatment Plant 30~40 /GPM  ( By Kinder Morgan)