Face Mask Supply (FDA)

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Manufactured by CDC Approved Compliance Code  GB 2626-2006  

We understand that there is shortage of Medical supplies in the Market.

In this tough time we understand the urgent need of these import supplies are crucial to safety.

We are supplying Face Mask from our reliable sources located in USA and shipped from USA warehouse.

Currently we can supply 10k Per Month and may increase if needed. Limited qty available as demands are high.


Corona Virus Mask – What is the difference between face masks, N95, KN95, KF94, FFP2 respiratory face masks & face mask shields?

 A lot of people are asking what is the difference between normal face masks, N95, KN95 , KF94, FFP2 respiratory face masks and face mask shields?

In summary, they are basically all the same. They stop 95% of particles >0.3 microns in size. The N95 is the USA Code, KN95 is China code, KF94 is Korea code and FFP2 is the EU code, this includes the UK.

KN95, KF95 and FFP2 face masks are N95 face mask alternatives & N95 equivalents. They are all the same.

Can wearing a normal medical face mask protect you from Corona Virus?

A regular loose fitting face mask can help you stop spreading sneezes, coughs and fluids to other people. This is how the corona virus spreads. People wearing face masks should disposed of them after every use.

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Comparison between 3M N95 & KN95